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Notification Center Pro

Turn your Notification Center 2 into a pro version and benefit from logs, various testing tools and your own Simple Tokens that can be completely customized with Twig.

Package summary

Latest version
php: ^8.1
contao/core-bundle: ^4.13 || ^5.0
terminal42/notification_center: ^2.0


Dispatch conditions for messages

With conditions for messages you can exclude entire messages from being sent and thus have them sent depending on form fields, for example.

Custom tokens

With Notification Center Pro, you can create custom tokens which you can then use in your notifications. Custom tokens are based on Twig templates which means you can access all the goodness you know and love from Contao templating.


Notification Center Pro automatically logs all the notifications that have been sent. Usually, this is already very helpful in itself but the Notification Center Pro comes with additional features on top of that!

Void Gateway

The Void Gateway is a very useful testing Gateway. It mocks the configured target Gateway and mimicks a successful delivery. This is can be especially useful to test integrations or custom tokens.