Notification Center Pro

Notification Center Pro is a commercial extension to our free and very popular Notification Center.

On top of using the free version, Notification Center Pro will enhance your Notification Center experience with the following features:

Dispatch conditions for messages

With conditions for messages you can exclude entire messages from being sent and thus have them sent depending on form fields, for example.

More form tokens

Form fields with options, such as dropdowns or checkboxes, contain the raw values in the respective tokens by default. The formoptions_*- token solves this problem in the most convenient way for you.

Custom Simple Tokens

You can conveniently create your own, custom Simple Tokens based on other tokens. This will allow you to be a lot more flexible by extracting partial information from other tokens, combining them or virtually doing whatever you can do with Twig with them.


The Logs:

  • allow to view all notifications sent via the Notification Center
  • are kept for a configurable amount of days (7 by default)
  • allow to re-send notifications right from the back end and even allow to adjust certain information e.g. Simple Tokens, so you can test things easily
  • provides a diff viewer to see differences between log entries being sent based on another one

Void Gateway

The Void Gateway does not send any message at all. Instead, it just fakes a successful delivery allowing for easier testing.